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Pianist Nina Kosanic was born in Kraljevo in 1993, where she finished Primary and Secondary Music School ,, Stevan Mokranjac“. She completed her basic and master academic studies in piano at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of dr Ljiljana Vukelja.

During her secondary music education, in 2011, she was named the best student of the school, and in 2012, she received an award from the Music School “Stevan Mokranjac” and from the Municipality of Kraljevo (Department of the Ministry of Education) as a student of the generation. Thanks to the high grades during her academic studies, she received the Republican scholarships of the Ministry of Education from 2013 to 2015, and subsequently the scholarships of the Young Talents Fund of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

As an active participant in master courses, she was trained by prominent pianists and educators: prof. dr  Arbo Valdma (Cologne), Lidija Stankovic, Boris Kraljevic, Yuri Kot (Ukraine).

Nina Kosanic has performed as a soloist and chamber musician at many music schools and halls in Belgrade, Kraljevo and Kragujevac such as KC Parobrod, Student Cultural Center, Children’s Cultural Center, Mixer; Museum, Theater, Municipality of the City of Kraljevo, Gymnasium of the City of Kragujevac … As an active member of the singing group “Tkanica” from Kraljevo, she performed at the Belgrade Philharmonic.

She started working with the Cultural Element Organization in 2017 when she participated in the music and stage performance Red October, in cooperation with the Belgrade City Museum, and since 2018 she has been actively involved in organizing concerts within the Cultural Element Organization and has been responsible for marketing activities on social media.

From 2018 she is a piano teacher at the Music School “Nevena Popovic” in Belgrade.


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