Sara Stefanovic


Sara Stefanovic finished elementary school and at the same time piano at the Mokranjac Music School, after which she enrolled in the Eighth Belgrade High School and singing classes at the Petar Konjović Music School, Afterwards she enrolled in the Davorin Jenko Music School. She completed her undergraduate and master studies at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences. She is currently a second year solo singing student at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.


She is a volunteer within numerous organisations such as Osmeh na dar, Universiade, EuroBelgrade, CMAS and others. Participant in opera studies “Madlenianum”, “Operetika” and “Opera Laboratory”.


After extensive experience in the field of management and human resources, Sara Stefanovic is a current manager at the educational center “Korak napred” and a proud five-year member of the organisational team “Cultural Element”.


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