“How long do we have to wait?” How long does an artist and art have to wait to be given a chance?

We decided that the answer to that question – we will not wait!

Let us unite now, in a time of complete poverty, in a time when the most important things are forgotten and when priorities change! Let’s do things that will be of a great significance to ourselves, and to the generations that are yet to come. If everyone contributes just a little, we will achieve extraordinary things! Let it be just one tiny detail, one small element, which will give the whole picture a better tone.

One small element of culture! ”

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That is how the idea came about, from which the Cultural Element was born on December 20, 2011 in Belgrade! President and founder of the organisation, Tadija Miletić, gathered numerous young artists, professionals in their fields, determined to create an artistic troupe, whose main goal will be to awaken awareness and love for culture. So far, the Cultural Element has realised hundreds of projects, collaborated with almost all the most important institutions and artists in the field of culture in the country, organised cultural events in new and unconventional places, brought culture to places where it is least expected. In less than ten years of existence, our mission has expanded and directed towards the fields of theater, music, exhibitions, education, painting and donations. Now, our goal is to stay on this path and bring culture closer to everyone, because we are a Cultural Element – an organisation that takes care of culture!

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